Pre-order for 2023 Top Rated Bees For Sale

We carry Italian bee nucs. Our bee nucs have new frames and newly drawn out combed foundation.

Over 90% of beekeepers have Italian Bees in their hives. We highly recommend new beekeepers start with Italian bees because they are the most docile of all honey bees.

Bees are available for sale beginning late fall until supplies last. In store pick up at our farmstand location in the spring.

Cost of Bees : (Click here for Bee purchase information)

1) $275 We provide a Five frame Nuc Colony with Queen in a Pro Nuc Box

2) $225 If You have your own Nuc Box on day of pick up.

A 50% deposit required upon ordering bees.( non refundable)

Cash only payment for the balance is due at pick up.

You will be notified of pick up date options two weeks in advance.

Ask us about upgrading your Nuc Box to an Apimaye beehive so your bees will be better protected from hive beetles,temperature extremes as well as moisture build up within the hive.

Call to inquire – ask for Gerald.

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